You Can Change Your Life by Making Your Bed – I Guarantee It!

In South America, where I was born and raised, when women wanted to “bad mouth” another woman, they would say:

“She doesn’t even make her bed in the morning — I don’t need to tell you more,” as if there was nothing worse you could say, or as if the act of not making the bed was a small example of a life that was completely out of control.


In the United States, where I live and practice Feng Shui, there seems to be no such shame surrounding not making the bed. During classes and workshops, when I have asked groups of women how many of them make their beds every day, most women readily admit that they do not. Although they are not proud that they don’t make the bed, they don’t think it is very important, or they say they are simply too busy or too tired to even try. Most, however, feel bad about it, and wish they could “change their ways.”

No matter what percentage of women in a room have admitted to not making their bed my response always has been, “You all make your beds every day, even those of you who believe you don’t.”

The truth is, that no matter what the state of your bed at night, when you are about to go to sleep, you have to straighten the bed in order to get in it again. Granted, this straightening of the bed may not be the tidying process your mother taught you when you were young, but you are doing some tidying up of comforters, sheets and pillows, before you go to bed — otherwise after just a few days your bed would look worse than a racoon’s nest, and you would have a hard time feeling safe in your sleep.

What if you did the same straightening of your bed in the morning instead of at night?

The effort and the time used for this purpose would be exactly the same as if you do it right before you go to bed. The difference: a room that looks tidy all day instead of a room that looks like a mess all day. You choose.

My clients and students who have taken this advice to heart, have later on told me that this small change in their daily routine, straightening the bed in the morning instead of at night, has changed their perception of their home, but more importantly, of themselves, and they feel they have more energy in the morning.

The Chinese say, “All things in your home are constantly talking to you. Make sure they have nice things to say.”

Make sure your bed says nice things to you all day, and you will reap the benefits!


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