The Problems and the Blessings of Long Weekends and Trips

Did you go on any trip out of town lately? Are you planning to travel in the summer?

Short and long trips give us an excellent opportunity to evaluate the Feng Shui of our homes. Whether you stay in a hotel room, the home of someone you know, or renting a condo, pay attention to all the features in the space that make you feel uplifted.

When you get home, see if you can incorporate some of these features in the home you live in.

Pay attention also to the inconveniences you find during the trip, to feel ever more grateful for how good the Feng Shui of your home already is.

For example: not too long ago my family went on a trip to Tampa, FL. Because we were meeting family from Ecuador during our trip, we decided to rent a condo for the week, instead of getting a hotel room. It was a very beautiful place and we had a really nice vacation. Here is a pic of our family in the back yard of the condo.

One thing I loved about this place, was that the laundry room had windows overseeing the back yard. It was a joy to do laundry. Compare that to my laundry room, which has no windows at all. As I came home, I decided to get a print of a beautiful garden scene to add to the wall behind the washer and drier, so it gives me the impression of having a beautiful view. This is the image I used:

Tulip Flower Garden

If you would like to use this exact same image to liven up a windowless space in your home or business, you can get it here. This is a wall decal, so you do not need to frame it. Check it out here.

Another thing I loved was the large amount of cabinet space in the kitchen. Now, I cannot add cabinet space to my kitchen, but I can create space by decluttering my cabinets and drawers and letting go of the things I do not use, do not love, or that do not work well. I also enjoyed using a couple of kitchen gadgets they had, and plan to get these for myself.

I was reminded of why Feng Shui advises to have only a few pillows on beds and couches, whenever we were walking around with a stack of large pillows, looking for a place to set them down so we could use the beds or couches.

I remembered also what good reasons Feng Shui has to recommend that you DO NOT have a bathroom with two doors. I remembered this every time my husband or I had to run around the living room and den, to the bedroom the boys shared, to go in the bathroom and unlock the door that connected the bathroom to our bedroom.

I wish I could tell you that upon coming home and cooking a meal I was relieved to work in a place where I know where everything is, but I cannot! I do the cooking, and my husband does the dishes and puts them away. I am very grateful he helps in this way, but he puts things away in different places all the time. Just today, I was looking for a bottle opener, and I had to open three cabinet doors and one drawer before I found it. So after coming from this trip, I have decided I am going to clearly label all the kitchen cabinets and drawers, so that he knows where to put things away consistently, so that I can streamline the cooking process and smooth out even more our already great relationship. Labeling is one work place system that I recommend you incorporate in the home in my new book on decluttering.

Use your experiences while traveling to improve your home, so that it can become your dream home.

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