The Biggest Block to Love

The biggest block to relationships I see in clients who struggle with love is that they do not understand the essence of love relationships and marriage. For this reason I want to offer you today a sampler of my favorite affirmations for Relationships and Marriage.


Life Area #2 Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships

  1. I give my relationship a fair chance by willingly and voluntarily relinquishing all previous attachments and the objects that symbolize them.
  2. I am who I am and allow others to be who they are.
  3. I heal in myself what needs healing in me. I value my relationship, and I constantly work on my own issues to protect and improve my relationship.
  4. I only speak my partner’s highest good.
  5. My partner and I are equally valuable. My needs and the needs of my partner are equally important. My desires and the desires of my partner are equally important.

Work with the above affirmations daily. If you would like me to work with the whole set of affirmations for all 9 life areas, including 10 more affirmations for relationships, please click on this link.

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May You Find Great Love!





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