Feng Shui Uncovers Wealth Myths (1)

In the Western world there are stories, poems, songs and movies about the “downtown” young man, or the man born on the “wrong side of the railroad tracks,” dreaming with the love of the uptown girl, who lives in the big house on top of the hill.

The house at the top of the hill is often associated with money, status and power. However, the Feng Shui of such a house presents many problems. Below we list some of the greater issues.

The house at the top of the hill:

  • Is more exposed to the winds, so it gets colder in the winter.
  • Has problems with erosion, which can eventually weaken the foundation.
  • Is harder to get to, so it creates a social disconnection with the community.
  • Requires effort to reach, so over time it can create the feeling that everything in life requires more effort than necessary.

The Armchair Foundation

An ideal Feng Shui site is located in what is called the Armchair Formation.

An Online Class on How to Create the Perfect Feng Shui Wealth Poster

In this online class, I’ll teach you how to create a Feng Shui Wealth Poster that works for you and your family. Some of the topics included are:

  • How to organize the Feng Shui Wealth Poster.
  • What materials to use.
  • How many items to place on the poster for better results.
  • Where in the home to place the wealth poster for added energetic support.
  • What works better, a physical or a digital wealth poster?
  • Affirmations to use along with your wealth poster.
  • How to counteract the natural fears you may be feeling when asking for material goods.
  • Why and how the Feng Shui Wealth Poster works.

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