Two Simple Feng Shui Tips to Sleep Better

Lack of sleep, sleeping disorders, and sleeping problems are on the rise in our modern world. In Feng Shui, we try to create a safe, soothing environment in bedrooms, to aide with sleep. A huge part of creating an environment that promotes good sleep is making sure that the circulation of chi (life force) is balanced and harmonious.

Two Easy Things You Can Do:

1 – Cure shars inside of the home
In Feng Shui, shars or poison arrows happen when two walls meet at an angle of 90 degrees or less, creating a sharp angle.

The chi that travels alongside each wall meets at the angle and produces turbulent energy. These sharp corners need to be covered up so that the chi does not become turbulent. The traditional cure is to place a tall plant, with uplifted branches, but soft, rounded leaves, in front of the corner. However, many times it is not possible to do this, because there is not enough room.

To learn about other ways to cure shars or poison arrows, please watch the video thumbnail below:

Clients report sleeping better when they have taken care of these sharp corners. One client reported a tremendous improvement in sleep after she cured the shars in the first floor, even though her bedroom was in the second floor!

2 – Cover up mirrors and screens
Chi behaves, in many ways, like sound. It is absorbed by soft, porous surfaces, and it bounces off sleek, hard surfaces. When there are too many sleek surfaces in the environment, the chi gets more active, and excessively active chi is believed to affect sleep adversely.

Before you go to sleep, cover up any mirrors or screens in the bedroom — even smart phones or tablets. You can use a soft piece of fabric to do this.

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