Learning to Enjoy Life

Years ago I told one of my healers that no matter how hard I tried I could not trust life. His response changed my approach to life (for the better): “Life is not to be trusted, it is to be enjoyed!”

Strange as it may seem, when I first heard these words I couldn’t relate to them. I realized that I had grown up feeling that I had to “pay dues” to exist — justify my existence by being useful to others.

Then I remembered something a friend who practices symbolic psychology had taught me: The connection to the archetypal mother marks our ability to enjoy life.

Mother Kissing Baby

The Symbolic Meaning of the Mother in Feng Shui

Feng Shui teaches that the “mother” is our connection with all of the mothers and fathers that came before them. We could say that the mother is the ambassador that represents the nation of our ancestors on her side of the family. The symbol of the mother also rules life area #2: Marriage, Relationships, and Partnerships.


Through our parents we connect to all our ancestors since the beginning of time. This is very powerful, and it is very sad if, due to a difficult relationship with the mother, people deny themselves the privilege of being supported by the strength of their ancestors.

Feng Shui Tip to Heal the Relationship to the Archetypal Mother

The healing of the relationship between a person and their actual mother is not always possible. The mother may have passed on, or be unwilling to relate, but you can bypass this one human relationship by connecting with the spiritual essence of the mother.

One way to do this is by shifting the association of the mother to yourself, if you are a mother, or to your partner, if you are a father. You can do this by writing the word “Mom” behind a picture of yourself (or your wife) and placing the photo in your dining area (this is the room in the house where family relations are healed).

If your mother is still alive, and a reconciliation is possible and desired by both, then place a sticker of a heart or draw a heart on the back of a frame of a photo of your mom. Once again, place it in the dining area if you can.

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