The Life Areas and Body Organs

Last week we talked about how the life areas correlate to family members. This week we take a look at the connections between the life areas and 11 organs in the body. Check the list below to see which organ belongs in each life area. For your reference, we have placed the element of the life area next to it, so you can see that it is through the elements that this connection between life areas and organs is established:

  1. Career, Life Mission and Individuality – Kidneys and Bladder (water element)
  2. Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships – Womb (earth element)
  3. Health, Family and Community – Bladder (wood element)
  4. Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth – Liver  (wood element)
  5. Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude – Stomach (earth element)
  6. Spirituality, Helpful People and Travel – Large Intestine (esp. colon) (big metal element)
  7. Children, Creativity and Entertainment – Lungs (small metal element)
  8. Wisdom, Self Knowledge and Calm – Spleen (earth element)
  9. Fame, Reputation and Social Life – Heart and Small Intestine (fire element)

For this reason, when Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultants do home consultations, we always ask this question on the third visit: When there have been health challenges (for the people living in the home), which organs have been affected?

The answer can give us important information as to what life areas may need more attention.

These correspondences of body organs with life areas is also expressed in the distribution of the life areas on the Bagua Map. If you place a Bagua Map on the torso of a person with life area #9 at the top and life area #1 at the bottom, the position of the organ matches the life area, with only two exceptions (for life area # 2 and life area #8). Check the video below to learn more:

bagua map and the organs in the body, video

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