Emergency Cure for Couples


When a couple finds themselves in a moment of crisis, it is easy to forget all the good times spent together, and the deep bonds that keep them together. An easy way to reconnect with these is to make a collage of happy times. Take a digital camera or your phone and take photos from your photo albums or framed photos of happy moments that you and your partner have shared together over time. Choose photos where only the two of you are pictured. Then print them out to make a physical collage to hang in your space, or save the collection to your computer to create a slideshow as a screensaver or upload them to an album on Facebook. You can call it “Happy Times as a Couple,” or another positive and significant name.

Another alternative is to get a vibrational Feng Shui cure, such as the Two Hearts

Relationships Area Framed Tile

Relationships Area Framed Tile

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May You Find Great Love!




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