Make Your Home a Dream Home

With an Online Feng Shui® Consultation

Get a Feng Shui Immersion Online Home Consultation so we can help you turn your current home into a dream home where you can live a happy life with those you love.

Have you ever tried to make improvements at home but had a hard time choosing colors, furniture and art?

Making changes in your home without proper Feng Shui guidance can result in wasted money, time and energy. And after all the effort, you might end up with a home that doesn't look good and doesn't make you happy.

Applying Feng Shui by using a proven step-by-step method will result in increased beauty, comfort and good energy – a home you love and are proud to show.

Click below to learn how to get a Feng Shui Immersion Online Consultation with Feng Shui for Us™ and the method we use to help you make your home a dream home.
  • The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System makes it easy to learn and apply Feng Shui!

  • The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System Can Help You Turn Your Current Home Into a Dream Home

    Places with good Feng Shui have good energy, look great, and are harmonious. Places with bad Feng Shui just don't feel right, and they are constantly working against their occupants.

    My name is Moni Castaneda, I'm the founder of Feng Shui for Us™ and creator of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

    The Nine Steps to Feng Shu® System is a step-by-step method that combines the most ancient school of Feng Shui (Form School) with Modern Architecture (for which I trained) to create amazing living spaces.

    When people start working with me their home is their hidden enemy – it works against them instead of for them.

    After they apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, their home has become their BFF – a home that supports all their goals.

    As you apply the
    Nine Steps to Feng Shui System® to your home, with my help, you create a positive environment that helps you be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Free!

    When your home is in top shape and your family is happy, then you have the time, the energy and the internal permission to live a life you love!

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