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Make Your Home a Dream Home

Have you ever tried to make improvements at home but had a hard time choosing colors, furniture and art?

After all, you want your home to be comfortable and beautiful, but you also want it to feel great.

For a home to be a dream home you need more than interior decor – you need to make sure the energy is right. Your home needs good vibes!

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of space arrangement that teaches you what to put where – and in what colors, shapes and materials – so that you can feel safe, get along with others better, and be more productive.

Making changes in your home without proper Feng Shui guidance can result in wasted money, time and energy. And after all the effort, you might end up with a home that doesn’t look good and doesn’t make you happy.

Live a Life You Love

A home where you can be happy needs to

  • Look good
  • Feel great
  • Be practical

A Home that Looks Good

You want to make decisions in your home so that your home looks good, not just for the current fashion or fads, but for years to come. No one wants to have to completely redecorate every couple of years!

With Feng Shui guidance, making decisions is easy because you’re not just relying on what you like, or what’s popular, you’re using time tested principles for choosing items and for combining colors, shapes and materials, to create beautiful and harmonious spaces.

A Home that Feels Great

You probably have walked into homes that looked “drop dead gorgeous,” but they didn’t feel right. Something was off, you just couldn’t feel comfortable there, or relaxed.

For a home to feel right, you need to deal with how the home was built, the location of entrance doors, staircases, and bathrooms. You need to use decorations and place furniture in ways that promote a good flow, so that spaces don’t become stagnated, but rather are full of life.

A Home That’s Practical

Your home needs to work for you – not against you. For a home to be practical, you need to arrange your furniture in a way that promotes the main activities of each room or area in the home. This is what creates healthy, happy living. What’s the point of having a beautiful bedroom if you don’t sleep well there? What good is an amazing home office if you’re not productive there?

With our Feng Shui system, you learn how to organize your home in a way that works well, makes sense, and where it’s easy for you to remember where things are.

Your Home Both Reflects and Influences Your Life

Your home is a reflection of you – it’s a report card on how you’re doing in all areas of your life.

Your home mirrors your life, and your life mirrors your home. The good news is that you can produce amazing results in your life by using the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System to make your home a dream home.

A Home that Works for You

When the home is unorganized or ugly, you feel embarrassed to have people over. You don’t even feel welcome in your own space.

If you home doesn’t look good, doesn’t feel great and isn’t practical, you can’t do the things you need to do – much less the things you want to do!

Conversely, when your home is in top shape and your family is happy, then you have the time, the energy and the internal permission to live a life you love!

Nine Steps to Feng Shui®

We’re here to help you make your home a dream home.

At Feng Shui for Us™ we use the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a step-by-step method created by Moni Castaneda that combines:

  • Form School Feng Shui,
  • Modern Architecture, and
  • Alternative Healing.

Form School Feng Shui

Form School is the oldest and most reliable school of Feng Shui. Form School teaches you how to recreate, inside and outside your home, the components that generate beautiful spaces in nature, with good vibes. This helps you be happy, healthy and successful.

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture helps you create spaces that look good for our modern Western aesthetics, and which are functional – spaces that allow you to be productive and to enjoy life to its fullest.

Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing adds a spiritual dimension to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is one of the five branches of ancient Chinese medicine (the other four are acupuncture, herbalism, Qi-Gong, and massage). While most healing modalities work from the inside out, Feng Shui works from the outside in. You work on your home to create a wonderful life for yourself and for the people you love.

I created the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System to make it easy for you to understand and apply Feng Shui.

Your application of this system will result in a home that has increased beauty, comfort and good energy – a place you love and are proud to show.

Moni Castaneda & Her Feng Shui Mission

Places with good Feng Shui have good energy, look great, and are harmonious.

Places with bad Feng Shui just don’t feel right, and they are constantly working against their occupants.

My name is Moni Castaneda, I’m the founder of Feng Shui for Us™ and creator of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

When people start working with me their home is their hidden enemy – it works against them instead of for them.

After they apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, their home has become their best friend – a home that supports all their goals.

As you apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System®
to your home, you create a positive environment that helps you be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Free!

See below what Feng Shui for Us™ has to offer.

Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab

A group program where you can learn Feng Shui, make friends and get feedback about your home for a low monthly fee (no contract).

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Feng Shui Immersion Journey

If your home is currently not supporting you as you wish and not making you proud, get an online home consultation.

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Room by Room Members-Only Site

A curated library of the best articles and videos about the home, room by room. Feng Shui advice you can trust and is easy to follow. Monthly and yearly memberships, with no contract. Learn more here…

Get a Free Life Areas Test and Bagua Map

Assess the state of your life and see what your home is saying about you.

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Feng Shui Consultant Training

Have you ever thought about becoming a Feng Shui Consultant? At Feng Shui for Us we offer the most complete training, which includes online resources, individual mentoring and coaching as you start your business.

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