What is a Feng Shui Consultant?


A Feng Shui Consultant is a person who analyzes the home or business spaces of a client in order to determine if those spaces are working to support the health, happiness and goals of the client (and their loved ones). A Feng Shui Consultant:

  1. Assesses the energetic health of a space, and looks at the hidden messages the space is giving about a person’s life.
  2. Suggests small changes in clients’ spaces, so that they become more supportive and nourishing for the client’s life, and in alignment with that person’s goals.
  3. Uses ancestral knowledge about space and the interactions of space with human life, to suggest the production of environments that increase the chances for happiness and success.

Inside, a Feng Shui Consultant looks at: the shape of the floor plan, the height of ceilings, the length of hallways, the location of doors and large windows, colors, shapes and materials used in the space, choice of artwork and ornaments, use of mirrors, location of clutter, and other signs in the space.

Outside, a Feng Shui Consultant looks at: the condition of the neighborhood, sun and wind exposure, location of hills, slant of the lot, surrounding areas, presence of water and location of roads, to determine if the site is attracting and collecting beneficial chi.

A Feng Shui Consultant is NOT:

  • An Astrologer (though some consultants do incorporate astrology in their practice)
  • A Numerologist (though some consultants do use numerology in their practice)
  • A Therapist (though clients do tend to confide a lot of things about their personal lives to their Feng Shui Consultants)
  • An Interior Decorator/Designer – a Feng Shui consultant does deal with issues stemming from the language of the space through its decoration, but does not suggest interior design projects. She simply points out what the better Feng Shui choices would be, then lets the client choose according to their own taste and desires. A Feng Shui Consultant can work closely with the client’s Interior Designer/Decorator to make sure their suggestions meet Feng Shui requirements. An Interior Designer/Decorator can also become a Feng Shui Consultant to offer their clients Feng-Shui-Correct designing.
  • A Magician – sometimes results produced with Feng Shui seem to produce magical results, but the practice of magic would require a willful manipulation of chi (life force). The Feng Shui Consultant always works in cooperation with chi, understanding that chi is an intelligent force, which, when in harmony, seeks the good of the client, in alignment with the designs of Heaven and the life mission(s) of the client.

“What about Space Arrangement? I thought Feng Shui Consultants were Space Arrangers!”
A Feng Shui Consultant may choose to also be a Space Arranger, or not.

  • A Feng Shui Consultant who is not a space arranger simply makes observations, and then suggests changes for the client to make, but does not help clients move things around or choose individual items. A Feng Shui Consultant who is not a Space Arranger, may, however, give final approval for items the client has chosen and wishes to purchase (to make sure they are Feng-Shui-Correct).
  • A Feng Shui Consultant who is also a Space Arranger, may go in and help the client move things around to achieve a greater harmony of chi. A Space Arranger may also help the client choose furniture and artwork that will further the client’s goals.

Feng Shui for Us will be offering a Space Arrangement program later this year as an add-on for Feng Shui Consultants who also want to be Space Arrangers. The first step is to become certified as a Feng Shui Consultant for Homes.

Do you have what it takes? (Homework)

The most necessary skill for a Feng Shui Consultant are their powers of observation.

Here’s some home work for you: go to a parking lot near your home. If you don’t have a car, sit on a bench nearby. If you have a car, sit in the car. Choose one car to evaluate, just by looking at the car see if you can guess:

  1. The gender of the person who drives the car.
  2. If they are married or single.
  3. If they have children or not.
  4. About how much money the person makes.
  5. Whether they see their car as additional storage or not.
  6. Whether they believe a car is a way to communicate to others or not.
  7. Whether they believe a car is a status symbol.







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  1. Great article. I wanted to ask whether you apply Flying Star fengshui as well as landform fengshui? Thanks

  2. Thank you for the article Moni. I am glad you are posting the questions to ask ourselves. It is good to know the difference between what a Feng Shui consultant is and isn’t and what a Space Arranger is. I think I do the analyzing naturally, maybe we all do.

    • Yes, it is important to know the difference, especially if as a Space Arranger you plan on moving things for/with clients. In that case you should get insurance to cover any potential damages or potential injuries.

  3. I Just can’t to read the rest! Thank you I AM really enjoying this! You are great Moni

  4. I Just can’t wait to read the rest! Thank you I AM really enjoying this! You are great Moni

  5. great article . easy reading as it set out precisely what a Feng shui consultant is and what they are not

  6. Interesting didn’t know that about Feng Shui

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  8. Had read it before but didn’t remebered about the Space Arranger part.

  9. Thank you, Moni 🙂

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