Moni’s Inner Circle


You are invited to join my inner circle.

The purpose of my Inner Circle is to strengthen and make more consistent the presence of my Feng Shui business on the internet. This refers especially to my Feng Shui online courses and books.

As a member of my Inner Circle you help me out on the internet, and in exchange you get perks, discounts and credits.

To be part of my Inner Circle there are 3 requirements:

  1. You need to be on my Wednesday newsletter email list. (If you are receiving my newsletters on Wednesday afternoons, 3 PM USA Eastern Time, you are on my list already.)
  2. You need to be on Facebook and be somewhat internet savvy. (You will need to be my friend on Facebook, like my page and join my Inner Circle Group.)
  3. You need to have an Amazon account. (If you have every purchased anything on, then you already have an account.)

What you are asked to do as part of my Inner Circle:

  1. Comment and ask questions in the “Leave a Reply” section under each article on my blog, every Wednesday, when the newsletter is published and is sent out to everyone on the list.
  2. Like, react, comment or share specific posts on my Facebook page Feng Shui for Us. (I will let you know which posts, by tagging you on them.)
  3. Write testimonials on this website, and reviews, where relevant, on or Yelp. (Of course this only applies if you have gotten any services or products that you can write about.)

What you get for being in my Inner Circle:

  1. Membership to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask unlimited questions about Feng Shui and one question per month about specific issues with the Feng Shui of your home. (In the Inner Circle Facebook Group)
  2. Be the first to know about special discounts on Feng Shui consultations (up to 75% off!) or limited availability/limited time coupons. (In the Inner Circle Facebook group.)
  3. You accumulate credits for helping me get a stronger internet presence. You can use those credits to acquire any digital products or online courses. (I will let you know how much credit you get for each participation in the Facebook group.)

If you have any questions, please post them below, or email me at

Enter you email address below to join my email circle and receive the link to the private Facebook group.



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