How to Eat Book

How to Eat Book

How to Eat to Be Healthy in the United States

Monica and Marco Castaneda met at a health food restaurant where they often ate lunch. This health food restaurant was part of a school called the Art of Living, and offered classes in healthy food preparations, as well as a healthy lifestyle that regarded physical, emotional and mental nutrition as essential aspects of a healthy life.

During their time participating in the events organized by this school they saw many people heal from a number of health conditions, while making no other changes than in their nutrition.
Marco was born in the United States, and Monica in Ecuador, South America. The Art of Living School was in Quito, Ecuador. When they moved to live in the United States as a young married couple, even though they knew well “how to eat” within a culture that holds cooking and family meals as a high cultural value, it was hard to translate those values for the United States, where most people seemed to be overworked and stressed out, and where eating “junk” foods was becoming the norm.

After almost two decades of living together in the United States, Marco and Monica decided to write a book to share how they have managed to eat in order to be healthy in this country – even with the challenges of busier lifestyles and seemingly less time to prepare healthy foods. Their conclusions about nutrition can be summarized in four “R” words:

Remove • Replace • Reduce • Replenish

REMOVE – from your nutrition things that are not food.
REDUCE – from your nutrition foods that create more problems than they provide nutrition
REPLACE – the foods you already eat with healthier alternatives
REPLENISH – learn what foods your body needs so that you can include them in your nutrition.

Includes: the Omnivore’s food pyramid, the Vegetarian food pyramid and the Vegan good pyramid.


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