Feng Shui Immersion Program – a Step by Step Feng Shui Coaching Program (Enroll)

The Feng Shui Immersion Program™ is the Ultimate Feng Shui Experience — a Feng Shui step by step coaching service that can help you transform your life by working on your home.

Do you…

  • Struggle to make decisions, and are always afraid to make a mistake?
  • Live an unbalanced life, not sure that you are investing your time, energy and resources on what really matters?
  • Feel like sometimes you take one step forward and two back?

I have a step by step system that helps you improve your life and your levels of health, happiness and success by working on key features in your home.

You know that the home mirrors what is going on in your life. This is true.

It is also true that you can make small changes in your home to trigger changes in your emotional patterns and thought patterns. This leads to clearer thinking, better decisions, and a happier family life.

What’s great is that with my combined knowledge of architecture and Feng Shui I can work with your own taste and preferences to help you create a home you love.

You will be able to rest comfortable and confident in your decisions — in the knowledge that this information comes to you from a combination of…

  • ancient Eastern knowledge about spaces and life, deeply rooted in spirituality, and
  • modern Western approaches to architecture and interior design

The Feng Shui Immersion Program is delivered in 9 modules, over a period of 12 weeks. During that time, you and I (Moni) stay in close online contact so that you can get all the advice and answers you need to improve the Feng Shui of your home. As the Feng Shui of your home improves, the environment is created where you can be healthier, happier, and more successful.


MODULE 1: Find Wholeness – Evaluate the Floor Plan

In this module we look at the shape of your floor plan to make sure it is complete. If it is not, I’ll teach you how to complete it.
A complete floor plan helps you understand that, at any given moment, you are given everything you need to improve your life. This is a core concept in Feng Shui, that life is constantly conspiring for your good.
In this module we also look at the location of bathrooms, to make sure they are not blocking your life areas.

MODULE 2: Reclaim Balance – Hallways, Staircases and Ceiling Height

In this module we address hallways, staircases, and ceiling height.
I will help you place the right images and mirrors in hallways so that things in your life seem bright and easier to do instead of dark, long and drawn out.
I will show you how to reorganize images and photos in staircases so that they do not create imbalances.
We will also address ceiling heights so that your foyer and/or great room feel comfortable and balanced.
Hallways, staircases and double height ceilings create an environment where it becomes easier to let your life become unbalanced and to get off-track.

MODULE 3: Embrace Vitality – Home Access and Doors

Are you going through life tired and fatigued?
Curb appeal, or the lack thereof, the location of your exterior doors, and their relationship to staircases, windows and other doors, are critical factors that determine whether your home invigorates you or makes you tired.
While some of these features cannot be moved, simple Feng Shui corrections can be made to redirect the energy flow so that your home energizes you instead of draining you.

MODULE 4: Let Nature Help You – What to Do About Windows

This module is about how windows can help your home get in tune with nature.
Your home connects with nature through your windows.
We will focus on making your windows, and the spaces around them, functional and beautiful, so that you can enjoy sunshine, natural light and breezes, but also feel cozy and protected at night.
Taking care of your windows helps you go with the flow and recognize the opportunities, that you may have been missing, in all areas of your life.
Your life becomes easier when you learn to use the forces of nature to your advantage.

MODULE 5: Make the Right Choices – Color Selection

After this module, you will never wonder again if you chose the right colors — you will know that you did.
You will learn what are the best colors for every room and space in the home.
If you are thinking of repainting, I will help you choose colors and color combinations that you will love and that will have great Feng Shui.

MODULE 6: Stop Self-Sabotage – The Stories Mirrors, Artwork and Photos Tell

Women self-sabotage at home by their choices of artwork and mirrors, and where they place them.
Another common way to self-sabotage is to mess up the location of family photos.
In this module, I will teach you what mirrors can improve your luck, and which mirrors are destroying your self-esteem (or encouraging addiction).
I will also give you fabulous templates on how to organize family photos, according to your type of family, so that there is no sibling rivalry, and so you can establish healthy boundaries with your in-laws.

MODULE 7: Let Go of What Holds You Back – Simply Declutter

Module 7 will teach you what type of clutter is hurting you the most.
You will learn strategies to reduce clutter to a minimum, so that it can be easily managed.
Since decluttering is also about healing the past, I will give you Feng Shui secrets to heal your Inner Child and forgive your parents (or anyone else you need to forgive)

MODULE 8: Set Healthy New Goals – Your 9 Life Areas

Module 8 starts with a questionnaire that will reveal to you the true and real condition of your life areas.
Based on your results, I will customize a set of Feng Shui enhancements or each life area.
These enhancements, called “Feng Shui cures” will turn your home into a visualization tool that will help you set healthy goals for the future, geared towards creating more happiness in your life.
Feng Shui cures are much more powerful than doing a vision board, because each item is placed in a location that taps into the power of your deeper mind.

MODULE 9: Arrange Your Furniture to Promote Happiness – Power in Finding the Right Placement

In this module, you will learn the best ways to arrange your furniture in every room.
With my guidance, you will know the right placement for each piece of furniture, before you move it.
I will help you create beauty, harmony and comfort in every room, by the addition of the right accessories, ornaments and artwork (and also teaching you what to avoid). You will learn how to choose furniture that is Feng-Shui-correct.
Your home will impress, but most importantly, it will set the right environment where you and your family can be happy.


WCU-Dean-DebbieDaley-25-102014I have been interested in and intrigued by Feng Shui for about 25 years. I was able to read books and put things together with some amazing outcomes until I married and moved into his home in Dallas, TX. It is a large, beautiful, mid-century home with some special characteristics. I purchased more books and still couldn’t make Feng Shui make sense in this home. I was looking for help to improve our financial situation as well as health and well-being. One day I saw Moni’s site and I knew she was what I needed.

I chose to purchase her long distance home consultation program and I am very glad I did. I had used a consultant before who came to my apartment and charged much more compared to the size of the home. This consultant was there for about 1.5 hours and never heard from again – I had questions and she never returned my calls or emails.

Moni, on the other hand, was very compassionate, open, honest, and had my best interest at heart. She was very patient and I presented her with many challenges. I told her “no” on several occasions with a cure she wanted me to implement. She was patient with me and kept searching for something I would be willing and able to implement. She knew finances were an issue so she minimized the money I had to spend. Most of it truly was repositioning items in and around the house. I spent less than $200 on the cures.

When the nine weeks was up we were still working because I had been very slow in finding and or implementing her cures. She never said a word about the time being up. She kept working with me until we completed the changes for the nine areas.

Some very positive things have occurred in my life since this process began. I was able to take a life-long dream trip to Switzerland which exceeded my expectations. We are still ok financially, my health is much better, my husband and I have spent more time together than ever.

Was the consultation with Moni worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I continue to work on the cures … if I have questions or a special issue I know I can contact Moni and she will respond to me. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning about Feng Shui. In fact, as soon as I go back to work I would like to continue to use her services and knowledge. I feel like I have gained a friend through this endeavor.

Debbie Daley
Dallas, TX

How the Feng Shui Immersion Program Is Delivered

I use a variety of methods to assist you in making this transformation of your home and life:

  • Most important, we stay in touch via a Facebook private group that only you and I can see. In this group you can upload your floor plan, and any photos and videos that are required for your Feng Shui.
  • You get access to the video tutorials that are relevant to your Feng Shui process and the tasks that I give you as we move along. These tutorials show you very clearly how to choose and place any Feng Shui corrections that are necessary for your home. For example, if you have the bathroom in a wrong position, Moni will direct you to a video in the course Feng Shui Your Home that will show you exactly how to correct the problem. Another example: if you are struggling with decluttering paper, Moni will give you access to the relevant video in the course Declutter from the Heart. If you cannot figure out how to arrange your family room, Moni will give you access to the video on that topic in the Setting Up House – Room by Room course.
  • You get an Angelic Feng Shui Training clearing and healing recording that was created by Vibrational Healer Bill Austin. This recording, when played every day, will assist you on creating the right energy to complete your Feng Shui tasks with ease and grace.
  • You get my Feng Shui for the Home book collection, so you can enjoy learning Feng Shui even after your program ends.

Meet Moni in a 1-Hour Virtual Call to Get Your Feng Shui Kick-started, and get a half an hour evaluation meeting at the end.

Stay Connected with Moni for 12 Weeks in a Secret Facebook Group

Access to any and all tutorials you need as part of your assessment, for your Feng Shui from any of Moni’s online courses:

Angelic Feng Shui Training Recording to help you clear subtle Feng Shui problems:


Feng Shui Your Home Book Collection:

You get access to Moni for questions and confirmation on choosing the right Feng Shui home enhancements, furniture, accessories, ornament, and artwork via her cell phone with phone calls, texts and Facebook messages. For example, if Moni has advised that you place an image of a landscape on a particular spot in your hallway, and you are at a gallery or gift shop, wondering if an image would be right for your home, you can send Moni a photo and she will let you know whether you should buy it or not. All this during a period of 9 weeks!

Your home will impress, but most importantly, it will set the right environment where you and your family can be happy.


Feng Shui Immersion Program 1-2 Bedrooms/Home Offices

Feng Shui Immersion Program – 3-4 Bedrooms/Home Office

Feng Shui Immersion Program – 5+ Bedrooms/Home Office









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