Feng Shui for the Home – Books


Feng Shui Your Own Home


This book will guide you, step by step, as you Feng Shui Your Own Home. Simply answer a set of questions about the layout of your home, and make the small changes suggested, to improve the energy of your home and increase your energetic chances of happiness.

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Feng Shui Your Own Yard


With Feng Shui Your Own Yard you will learn how to optimize your landscaping so it becomes easier to maintain and more beautiful every year.

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Feng Shui Your Own Life Areas


Learn how to set up house, room by room, making sure all your actions are Feng Shui correct and help you succeed in all the nine life areas.

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Declutter Your Own Spaces


Learn to Declutter the Feng Shui way, from the heart, and with a system that will teach you how to manage clutter and organize your home as you improve the energy of your home and of your life.

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