Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

Are you dealing with terrible neighbors? Many people ask me if there are any Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors. There are, but most articles you will find on the internet about this, are suggesting some very bad cures – the cures are worst than the neighbors.

feng shui cures for bad neighbors

My Experiences with Bad Neighbors

In the past week I have broadcast two Facebook live videos about bad neighbors. By the way, have you had any bad neighbors? Do you have one right now? If you do, use the comments section below this article to share your experiences. If you share your experiences with me, I’ll be able to suggest the Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors that you need in a teleclass I am teaching at the end of the month.

A Passive Aggressive Bad Neighbor

The first video is about a neighbor that was very passive aggressive.

An Overtly Aggressive Bad Neighbor

The second video is about a neighbor that was openly aggressive, and who would resort to vandalism.

How About You?

I would like to know what problems or conflicts you have or have had with neighbors so I can see what to include in a teleclass that could help you. Share with me in the “reply” section underneath this article.

Folks Online are Recommending Some Terrible Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

I have been running searches on Google about what other Feng Shui experts are recommending for dealing with problematic neighbors. Guess what I found? A bunch of baloney mixed up with a couple of common sense cures (that you would already have anyway if you have Feng Shuied your main entrance the way I teach you).

Makes me wonder how some of these people have the gall to call themselves “experts!”

My concern now is that if you have bad neighbors and have tried to find the solution by googling, you may have found one of those sites and are now using “cures” that could backfire on you and your loved ones, or that may create bad karma for you.

Bad Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

Bad Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors are bad for the neighbors, but worse for you.

Let me share some samples of very bad suggestions for Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors with you:

  • bagua mirrors
  • bright lights pointed at the neighbor’s place
  • placing a container full of water between your home and the neighbor’s home
  • painting your home white
  • hanging a large mirror facing towards your neighbor’s side wall
  • wind chimes (in some cases)

Learn Why the Above Cures are Bad

I recorded a live class on the Five Worst Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Neighbors – and why you shouldn’t use them. You may view this video here.

A Live Teleclass to Learn How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors

Are you dealing with a bad neighbor?

A bad neighbor:

  • Can ruin the enjoyment of your own home.
  • Makes you feel afraid to come home.
  • Results in less time spent outside in your yard.
  • Worries you.
  • May cause you losses.
  • Can create legal problems or problems with the police.

In the upcoming teleclass, Feng Shui Cures to Deal with Bad Neighbors, I will share with you energetic Feng Shui cures to help with bad neighbors that have worked for myself and many of my clients.

These are tried and true Feng Shui cures to deal with bad neighbors that are:

  1. Customized according to the location of the troublesome neighbors (left, right, back, across, all around)
  2. Designed from a love and above perspective, so they can’t backfire on you and your loved ones.
  3. Free of bad karma.
  4. Easy to implement.
  5. Won’t provoke your neighbors into creating more trouble

You will learn how to use sea salt, crystals, rocks and essential oils to create metaphysical Feng Shui cures to protect you from bad neighbors, create a harmonious environment in and around your home, and improve your own luck.




  1. Hi, Moni! This is perfect timing for me and my family. Recently we received a letter informing us a neighbor has complained about “excessive dog barking at various times.” We were surprised because our dog, although she does bark, only barks when people walk past the house – which may be twice a day. Another time a neighbor called the fire department on me while I was trying to roast marshmallows with my kids (yes there was a lot of smoke). Since everything is communicated by city services I don’t know which of my neighbors it is. These neighbors are starting to affect my family’s enjoyment in their own home.

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