One rule you cannot ignore when choosing colors for your home…

When you are choosing colors, there is one rule you should not ignore if you want to be happy with your choices.

Recently, someone challenged me to talk about my guilty pleasures on a live Facebook video AND relate it to something relevant about Feng Shui.

I’ll tell you right away: I have two guilty pleasures. One of them is getting floral print cotton dresses. This is the guilty pleasure that ties into how to choose colors for your home in a way that you KNOW you can be happy afterwards, and not regret your decision.

Watch the video to learn this one rule:

What’s next?

How about a free webinar?

In this webinar I will talk about the 5 worst mistakes that people make when trying to use Feng-Shui-Correct-Colors.


  1. After you talked about the teal dress, the video would no longer play

  2. White is one to avoid for me.
    I love fall/autumn colors!
    Teal and royal blue work well for me, as they bring out my eye color.
    I am not avid about buying clothes and don’t have a favorite store. Fashion is not a priority for me 🙂

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