Do you struggle with clutter? Are you turning your home into a landfill?

Many of the people who take my courses on decluttering, or who have hired me to help them declutter are really good people. They care a lot about the environment, and they don’t want things to end up in a landfill. In their minds, they are protecting things they keep in their home from ending up in the landfill.

Their Home is the Landfill

​In fact, many people with big clutter problems, have turned their homes into landfills. That’s the irony, the things they’re trying to keep from the landfill are already there, only the landfill is their home!

Do You Feel Sorry for People in Developing Countries (the Third World)?

Have you ever seen those videos or photos of whole families in India and Pakistan who live in the landfills and make their money by sorting recyclables out of the trash? I bet when you’ve seen those images you think to yourself “Poor people!” I hope that you have not become one of them by allowing your home to become a landfill.

If you struggle with clutter and need motivation to start decluttering, watch the video below:


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