“Open Concept” Master Suites are a REALLY BAD Idea – Feng Shui Disasters!

Master suites are great. Generally larger than master bedrooms, they provide for a lot of flexibility and creativity in arranging furniture in a home.

The more expensive and large the home is, the larger the master suite. If a master suite gets too large, there is a risk that the feelings of coziness and intimacy so necessary for a master bedroom may be lost. Dropping the bed in the center of a master suite is generally a mistake. It works much better to subdivide the space into different uses and make more than one arrangement of furniture.

My favorite layout is to create a loving bedroom area for the couple and a sitting area for relaxation, conversation and reading. Other uses of the extra space, such as a home office or a workout area are incompatible with the functions of the master bedroom or suite.

“Open Concept” Master Suites: Bad Idea!

This new trend of the “open concept” master suite, where the bedroom area is integrated with the bathroom, without a separation door, is a Feng Shui horror – a disaster.

Bathroom bad smells impregnate the clothes in the closet and in the bedroom area of the open concept master bedroom, because there is no physical separation between the different areas. The drains in the bathroom also drain the chi (vitality) of the bedroom area. Yin and yang energies are out of balance in the open concept master suite.

Good for Movies, but NOT for Life

It may look pretty cool in a movie, but in real life it creates many problems. Who ever thought that the idea of bringing a bed into a bathroom was anything but absurd? After all, that is what you see in high security prisons. Yet that is what designers and builders do with the open concept master suite.

In the series Big Little Lies (Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon), there is a secretly battered woman, who everyone thinks is the luckiest woman alive. She lives, very appropriately, in a mansion with an open concept master suite. The concept is so open, that the only doors inside the master suite are the ones to separate the two toilet enclosures. There is no door to the shower, but instead a maze of glass walls through which to transition from the closet area of the master suite to the shower. The lack of a door, and the transparency of the walls that lead to and enclose the shower, make the abuse and her vulnerability even more poignant.

If the same story had been filmed in a beautiful home with a proper master suite, where there was a proper door between the bedroom area and the bathroom, and a door to the shower, the effect couldn’t have possibly been as terrifying.

Lack of privacy in the bathroom is a big issue! There is nothing romantic about your partner being able to see you when you clean yourself!

Show Biz People Know Bad Feng Shui Increases Horror and Thrills!

Successful movie and TV makers always choose bad Feng Shui settings as the backdrop for terrible scenes.

Do not make your home into a good scenario for a horror movie or a thriller TV show. Make your home into a dream home, where you can live your dream life!

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have a master suite in your home? Is it an open concept master suite? What did you think of open concept master suites before you read this article?

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