In Feng Shui, the Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest Life Area Is Expressed in the Home Office

If you have been into Feng Shui for a while, you know that the Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest Life Area is located at the front left corner of the home.

You can see it in the graphic below:


But did you know that this life area is also expressed in a particular room in the home?

The room in the home where this life area is expressed is the Home Office.

The Feng Shui of Home Offices

The home office represents how you handle your relationships with the world.

You need to stay on top of all your connections with the outside world: pay your bills on time, make sure you have the insurance you need, take care of all documents that have to do with security in the future, such as wills, and have contact information for all the people you might need to call to keep up with home maintenance and repairs.

The most important thing about the home office is organization. The keyword for home offices is “order.” If your home office is not in order, then it doesn’t have good Feng Shui.

Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest

So the Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest Feng Shui life area has 2 spots where it is expressed in the home: the front left corner, and the home office. Both need to be looked at to make sure that this life area is not being blocked for you by Bad Feng Shui. Click here to learn about the deep meaning of this life area.







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