In Feng Shui, the Children, Creativity and Fun Life Area Is Expressed in Children’s Bedrooms

If you have been into Feng Shui for a while, you know that the Children, Creativity and Fun Life Area is located in the middle of the right wall of the home.

You can see it in the graphic below:

But did you know that this life area is also expressed in a particular room in the home?

The room in the home where this life area is expressed is Children’s Bedrooms.

The Feng Shui of Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s Rooms represent our desire and need for play.

Play is an essential part of human life at any age. It allows us to let go and not take the world or ourselves too seriously. It is also our reward for working hard.

Children’s rooms need to allow for plenty of room for creative play. You need to provide beautiful containers for your children’s toys, so that they don’t end up on the floor.

The most important thing about children’s bedrooms is safety. Wherever children are involved, safety is paramount.

The keyword for children’s bedrooms is “fun.” If your children’s rooms are no fun, then they don’t have good Feng Shui.

Children, Creativity and Fun

So the Children, Creativity and Fun Feng Shui life area has 2 spots where it is expressed in the home: the  middle of the right wall, and children’s rooms. Both need to be looked at to make sure that this life area is not being blocked for you by Bad Feng Shui. Click here to learn about the deep meaning of this life area.








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