In Feng Shui, the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude Life Area Is Expressed in Hallways

If you have been into Feng Shui for a while, you know that the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude Life Area is located in the middle of the home.

You can see it in the graphic below:


But did you know that this life area is also expressed in a particular room in the home?

The room in the home where this life area is expressed is the Hallway.

The Feng Shui of Hallways

The hallway represents how the different aspects or life are linked to each other. Everything is connected in a home, just like all the areas of our lives are connected.

Your hallways need to promote these connections between the different areas of the home without any major obstructions.

Hallways can often feel dreary, and this dreariness makes people rush through them.

The most important thing about a hallways is that it be interesting. The keyword for hallways is “brightness.” If you cannot bring brightness into your hallways, then your hallways have bad Feng Shui.

Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude

So the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude Feng Shui life area has 2 spots where it is expressed in the home: the middle of home, and hallways. Both need to be looked at to make sure that this life area is not being blocked for you by Bad Feng Shui. Click here to learn about the deep meaning of this life area.







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