Body Fat and Feng Shui for Weight Loss

Here’s what you need to know about body fat and Feng Shui for weight loss, and how it affects love.

When clients tell me that their love life “stinks” because they are fat, my mind immediately goes to June Shannon, the mother of the reality TV star Alana Thompson – Honey Boo Boo.

At the height of the show’s popularity June weighed 460 lbs., yet she seemed to have a very exciting love life, which made up a large part of the show. (Since then, she has lost a lot of weight.)

I have met a number of people, men and women, who were very overweight – some even clinically obese – yet enjoyed fulfilling love relationships, with very satisfying sex lives.

Being overweight is not the cause of not being able to find love or enjoy sex within a marriage.

Body Fat and Feng Shui for Weight Loss

In Feng Shui, body fat is indeed part of the life area known as Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships.

However, over the years, I have seen that excess body fat only keeps love away from a person when that person has put on the weight with the intention of keeping love (or sex) away.

Many times, folks put on weight to make sure they stay single, or to make sure their marriage stays a passionless marriage. Many times these purposes are unconscious.

For a lot of people, simply making Feng Shui changes in their homes is enough to open up to love, as they open up to love, the extra pounds go away.

What Makes People Decide to Get Fat to Push Love Away?

From what I have seen by working with thousands of clients, many factors can influence a person’s unconscious decisions to put on weight to keep love away. Some of these are:

  • Fear of being hurt or betrayed.
  • Fear of not being worthy of love (“it’s better to not even try”).
  • Religious misconceptions that make them believe that sex is bad.
  • Traumas associated with sexuality.

Except for the last one, Feng Shui can help with all these issues. Feng Shui is a healing art that works from the outside in.  By making changes in your home, you trigger shifts in your emotions and your thought patterns, that help you make better choices in your life.

What is Fat in the Feng Shui Sense?

Body fat in the Feng Shui sense is simply part of the Earth element. Some body fat is essential for life and health.

Child Olympic gymnasts, who keep their body fat percentage too low, often have puberty delayed. Without enough fat, their bodies cannot produce the hormones needed for fertility to kick in.

Women with too much body fat, on the other hand, can end up with hormonal problems that make getting pregnant harder.

When the Earth element is balanced in the body, there is happiness and health. When it is out of balance, problems ensue.

What Life Problems Does Excess Fat Cause?

There are many health problems that are caused or made worse be excess body fat. In the Feng Shui sense, excess fat is considered clutter of the Earth element, which blocks love relationships, reduces the ability to learn, and destroys peace of mind.

Excessive body fat alerts the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant to issues in at least 3 life areas. (To learn more about this fascinating topic, make sure to register for the webinar below.)

When your body keeps a lot more fat than it needs to keep you healthy, your energy levels drop, and your self-esteem plummets.

Can You Love Yourself if You are Fat?

You should always love yourself. Loving yourself means that you care for every cell in your body, including every single fat cell. Hating any part of your body is bad for you.

However, loving yourself exactly as you are right now does not mean enabling self-destructive behaviors. You need to love yourself in a way that leads to wellness. Yes, love yourself completely, right now, as you are, and from this moment on start making decisions that lead to greater health and happiness.





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