Where Is the Feng Shui Money Area?

Where is the Feng Shui Money Area? When you search for “Feng Shui money area” you get millions of hits. Unfortunately, most information regarding this topic is wrong.

I ran such a search before writing this article. I actually took the trouble, for your sake, to click on the links on the first two pages of results, to see what kind of information you might find if you searched for this – roughly 20 sites, including about 5 videos.

Guess what? All the links I checked, except for one, were wrong.

I was not surprised.

They Were Confusing Money with Wealth

They were naming the wealth area of the home as the money corner” in the home.

Money feeds wealth, but money does not equal wealth.

It is crucial to know this to make sure that you enhance both money and wealth appropriately in your home.

Most people confuse money with wealth, and most Feng Shui consultants and teachers out there actually use the terms money and wealth interchangeably. This is incorrect.

Later in this article, I will tell you where the location of the money area really is in your home.

Let me start with the term Feng Shui.

It’s in the Meaning of Feng Shui!

Many people do not know this, but one of the symbolic meanings of Feng Shui is “Wealth and Money.”

Feng means wind. Shui means water.

🌳 Wind is part of the wood element (an element represented by the healthy living tree or forest).

💧 Water is part of the water element.

🌳 Wealth works with the wood element because wealth behaves like a healthy tree.

💧 Money works with the water element because money behaves like flowing water.

🌳 Wood and 💧 water are separate elements, with very different characteristics.

Money Does Not Equal Wealth

Money feeds wealth just as water feeds trees, but money does not equal wealth.

🌳 Wood grows, crooked or straight. Wealth naturally grows (always, unless you actively do something to destroy it), but it can grow “crooked” (illegally or unethically) instead of straight.

💧 Money soaks and goes down. Money gets spent and it goes down in value, unless you know how to invest it well (careful investments, where due diligence has been made, make money grow, turning money into wealth, like nature turns water into wood).

Don’t Confuse Money with Wealth!

Confusing money with wealth is the essence of greed.

If, when a person imagines being super wealthy, they visualize tons of money, they do not really understand what wealth is.

Wealth is the accumulation of 3 things:

  1. Accumulation of material possessions, especially land, real estate, and machinery that can produce goods.
  2. Accumulation of skills and talents.
  3. Accumulation of connections.

Money can help you purchase material possessions, yes, but it cannot guarantee that those purchases are sensible, or that they will appraise in the future, growing your wealth.

Money can also help you get education or training, but it cannot on its own give you skills or talents.

Money can get you into circles where you may meet with people who may help you, but money alone won’t give you the social skills to turn superficial acquaintances into true connections, friendships and collaborations.

Where is the Feng Shui Money Area?

I hope you read the whole article – because this is good information that you need to know – and didn’t just speed-scroll to this part.

The real true area for money in Feng Shui, is the Career, Life Mission and Individuality Area, located in the middle of the wall that contains the main entrance.

As you can see, there is actually no “money corner” because the life area related to money is not located in a corner, but in a midpoint of the Bagua Map.

where is the feng shui money area?

If you are not sure which door in your home should be considered the main entrance, click here.

Money is very important in life, because it is the representation of human work and the exchange of that work.

One of the easiest ways to enhance money in the money area, is to add a symbol of water. One of the most common images to add to this area is a waterfall.

An Inexpensive Cure for Money

A very inexpensive cure you may use is this magnet. If your money area happens to be in the foyer of your home and your front door has a metal door, you can just place this waterfall magnet on the door, on the side that faces the inside of the home.

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Share with me, before your read this article, did you know that the money area in Feng Shui is not in the wealth corner, or that the wealth corner is not the best spot to place money cures?

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  1. Moni, you are the ultimate feng shui disambiguator! And it works, too.

    Last spring, within a month of placing your cure (I chose the notebook), I got an offer for a new job, making more money, and with much more non-monetary value– practically out of the blue!

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