The Worst Dining Table for Families with Teens

I want to talk to you today about the worst dining table for families with teens.

The Dining Table Makes the Dining Room

You cannot have a dining room without a dining table. For this reason, choosing the right dining table can make or break this room.

The dining room represents family time. After all, it is at the dining table that you can really connect with your spouse and children.

It Helps Kids Open Up

Do you remember those wonderful conversations you have had with your teens when you invited them to sit in the living room and said, “Let’s talk?”

Of course you don’t, because they never happened. Your kids don’t open up in conversation just because you set aside a time and place to talk. If you try to do that, they clam up.

It is during the sharing of meals that conversation naturally flows. You will learn more about what is in your children’s minds and hearts during a shared dinner, than you ever have by actively seeking information from them.

At the dinner table, you don’t have to ask “How was school today?” Let me rephrase that, IF you have good Feng Shui in your dining room, you don’t have to ask how your kids are doing – they volunteer information. Well, provided that smart phones and tablets are not allowed at the table (even for parents).

The Worst Dining Table for Families with Teens

However, there is one shape of dining table that is not recommended for families with teens, because it fosters disrespect. Teens should know that they can trust their parents and they should be respected by their parents, but they should not get ideas that they are their parents’ equals. If they feel like they are equals, they tend to be disrespectful.

Can you guess what shape of table this is?

The Round Table is the Worst for Families with Teens

A round table was great for King Arthur to express equality among his knights. Great idea, but not the best for a family with teens. Teenagers may feel like they can make all decisions for themselves, but they still need guidance. A rectangular table with rounded corners or an oval or oblong table are better choices for family harmony. A rectangular or oblong table represent an existing hierarchy in the family.

Barring cases where parents are abusive towards their kids, this hierarchy is good for a family.

A round table may be great for a couple with no kids, but it is not the best for families, especially families with teens.

It is not good for teens to think that they are the equals of their parents. This leads to disrespect.

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