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So your compass school Feng Shui consultant has told you that you have 4 positive directions, and 4 negative directions. She has recommended that you point the headboard towards one of your positive directions. Doing this, places your bed at a weird angle.

Placing the bed at weird angles creates restless sleep because people naturally like to be parallel to walls. Whenever someone visits you, if you have your bed like this, they feel like straightening it! They wonder why on earth you would place the bed like this.

It’s just weird!

It’s Just Weird

Love and marriage do not benefit from weirdness. Sure, some weirdness may add spice to a relationship, but in the bedroom you want to create a feeling of stability — that is, if you want to have a stable love relationship.

You can never really have a feeling of stability with the bed placed at a weird angle.

Only a very inexperienced or misguided compass school Feng Shui consultant would ask you to place your bed at such a weird angle.

Weird stuff is never good Feng Shui!

Experienced compass school Feng Shui consultants will actually tell you to place your headboard against the wall that most closely approximates one of your positive directions.

That doesn’t work either.

That Doesn’t Work Either!

In the example of the bedroom that I am sharing with you, if you were going to straighten the bed on the wall that would most closely approximate the particular direction recommended for a client, it would have to go like this:

But placing the bed like this, against a wall that holds the entrance door to the master bedroom, puts people in a dis-empowered position.

If there was no other option but to place the headboard against this wall, then there should be a mirror on the opposite wall, approximately in line with the location of the night stand that is closest to the door. The mirror should allow the spouses to see the entrance door to the bedroom, while lying down or sitting in bed.

In this example, however, there is a perfectly good solid wall on the other side of the room, which allows for placing the bed in the power position.

Always Seek the Power Position

When placing your bed in your master bedroom, always seek the power position.

The power position is when you:

  • have a solid wall behind the headboard
  • you can see the door from the bed
  • no part of the bed is directly in front of the door

Being in the power position is much more important than seeking a positive direction for the bed. In fact, I am of the opinion that you are much better off never finding your “gua number” and identifying “positive” or “negative” directions for yourself or your family members. This is a fear inducing practice, and I believe you should stay away from it.

In all my years as a Feng Shui consultant, the only people I have met who experienced “bad luck” as a consequence of having their headboard pointing towards a “negative” direction (according to compass school Feng Shui) were people who let themselves be convinced that a certain bed position would be bad luck for them.

Let me explain, they had slept with the headboard towards a particular directions for years with no problems whatsoever. It was only after someone told them that was a “negative direction” for them that the bad luck started. This is the nocebo effect, the opposite of the “placebo effect.”

Having your bed in the power position will help you keep your chi in good shape, and will promote good luck, regardless of which direction the headboard is pointing at.

My School Does Not Use the Compass

My school uses the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System that I developed combining my professional knowledge of architecture, with principles of ancient Chinese medicine (which form the basis of Feng Shui) and ancient shamanic practices and approaches to space that I learned in Latin America. To learn more watch this video.

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