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Placing one side of your bed against the wall is one of the worst choices in bed placement for the master bedroom.

A master bedroom is a room that has the function to house a love relationship.

If you are married, the master bedroom is where you interrelate with your spouse at an intimate level.

If you are single, the master bedroom is where you express your aspirations for love.

There’s No Equality!

When you place a bed with its side pushed against a wall you are making a statement of inequality.


  • One of the partners can’t actually walk to their side of the bed. They have to climb on the other side of the bed and then crawl to their side.
  • The person sleeping next to the wall doesn’t have a night stand or lamp so they can set down glasses, personal items, or keep a book.
  • If the spouse sleeping near the wall needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, they actually have to climb over the other person, or slide on their rear end towards the front of the bed.

Uncomfortable things things are bad Feng Shui.

It’s Bad for Couples!

When couples place a bed like these, both sides are on the wrong.

The spouse sleeping near the wall is probably not tending to their own needs, in the relationship or in life. They may be passive aggressive!

The spouse on the open side of the bed is probably insensitive to the needs of their partner. They may be described as pushy!

Instead Do This

In the example I have shared with you above, there is plenty of space to move the bed to the right of the bedroom to make room for a night stand and lamp between the bed and the wall.

Just by moving the bed, the couple will be making the statement that they are willing to work on equality and tend to the needs of both partners.

This works best if both partners have equal night stands (a set), and equal lamps.

If you cannot get a set of night stands, at least choose two that are the same size and have similar functionality.

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What was your experience sleeping with a partner with the bed in this position?

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  1. When I first moved to the United States to join my husband, he had the bed in this position. One of the first frustrating things I noticed was that it made it really hard to make the bed.

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