[master bedroom mistakes] Bed Placed at an Angle – Feng Shui for Master Bedrooms and Love

Placing your bed catty-cornered to the walls is one of the worst choices in bed placement for any bedroom, but even more for the master bedroom.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of sites out there where people who claim to be Feng Shui consultants, and even teachers, list this position as one of the power positions.  I have even seen this in a couple of books. This is incorrect!

It’s Just Impractical!

Anyone who ever had their bed in this position can tell you that this is a very impractical way to place the bed.


  • This bed placement affects sleep. People instinctively want to be parallel to the walls when they sleep. If they cannot do that, they do not relax enough to sleep deeply.
  • It creates a triangle at the back of the bed that is hard to reach. It doesn’t get cleaned enough and it accumulates dust mites and other allergens — right behind your head.
  • The cluttering mind sees this triangle as “space available,” and it often becomes a junk corner.
  • It creates inconvenient angles to place your night stands, which end up creating other inconvenient angles.

Impractical things are bad Feng Shui.

It’s Bad for Couples!

Love relationships benefit from stability, and this is a bed position that creates the impression of instability.

Living with strange angles and looking at things from an angle is bad for a love relationship. After all, one of the symbols for marriage in Feng Shui is the agricultural field, with its checkered pattern of crops.

What It Could Mean

When a couple places a bed like this, it may mean that they are not in the relationship for the long run.

They may also have the expectation that a love relationship should be a constant source of excitement. While excitement benefits a love relationship, the relationship is not itself a source of excitement, except in the very early stages.

Trust Feng Shui: Don’t Place the Bed at an Angle

Feng Shui masters already figured out what is best for bedrooms and love relationships a long time ago.

Do not place your bed at an angle.

Instead Do This

In the example I have shared with you above, there are windows in the middle of the back and left wall, so if you straighten the bed in either of those directions, you would end up with a window behind the headboard, which is not recommended.

For this bedroom, this is the best position for the bed. Remember to place a small mirror on the opposite wall (aligned with the night stand, not in front of the bed and not in front of the door).

Share Your Experiences

Have you ever slept on a bed that was placed catty-cornered to the walls? Where you able to sleep deeply? How often did the corner behind the wall get cleaned?

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