What’s In a Mirror? The Feng Shui of Mirrors

Mirrors are magical, in that they double things, both the good and the bad. Controlling the Feng Shui of Mirrors enables you to reproduce only that which is worth reproducing.


What’s in a Mirror?

Mirrors hold your first memories of yourself. What is your first memory of looking at yourself in the mirror? How did you feel? Did you think you were pretty?

How did that perception of you change as you grew?

Mirrors hold the memories of getting ready for school, for parties, for work and for dates. Every morning, you establish a relationship with yourself through your mirror.

Most Mirrors are Bad Feng Shui

Roughly 70% of mirrors that I have found in clients homes were bad Feng Shui, either because of features in the mirror itself, the location of the mirror, or what the mirror was reflecting.

Bad Features in Mirrors

Mirrors reflect you and your spaces. You want that reflection to be accurate and true to life.

  • Any mirrors that fragment, cut or distort the image in any way are bad Feng Shui.
  • Mirrors placed where they would reproduce eye-sores are bad Feng Shui.
  • Mirrors placed at the end of a hallway, or facing a staircase, are bad Feng Shui.

Keep Only Good Mirrors

In your home, keep only mirrors that are flat and in one piece, and place them in locations where they reflect good things.


  • Mirrors with beveled edges.
  • Mosaic mirrors.
  • Tiled mirrors.
  • Concave mirrors.
  • Convex mirrors.

If you use an augmenting mirror to put on make up, cover it up when it is not in use.

What memories do mirrors evoke for you? Share below with a “reply,” or join the Facebook Group: Feng Shui Journeys (you need to be logged in to your Facebook account to be able to do join the group)

In the Facebook group Feng Shui Journeys I will share some more of my experiences with mirrors. I hope you will also share what mirrors say to you, and how you plan to place the mirrors in your home to create happy memories of Feng Shui mirrors.







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