What’s In a Dining Table? The Feng Shui of Dining Tables

What’s in a dining table? Every item in your home has its own Feng Shui. Let’s explore the Feng Shui of Dining Tables.

During meal times, much more happens around dining tables than just eating.

Meal times are the best times for family communication. It is at the dining table that you can get to know your kids, and impart important information about life, behavior and how to be a good person.

Studies have shown that kids that eat dinner with their families have higher grades, and dinner time with the family is a strong predictor of success in college. Parents who make an effort to have the family sit together for dinner, are probably doing many other things right.

Dining tables are used for eating, but the memories of dining tables are by no means limited to meals.


What’s in a Dining Table?

Consider all that happens on dining tables:

  • Meals.
  • Homework.
  • Projects.
  • Arts and craft.
  • Bill paying.
  • Checking account balancing.
  • Games.

A dining table is at the center of family life. A good, wooden, sturdy, dining table symbolizes a solid family. Glass and metal are not good materials for dining tables, as they are too cold.

Shapes of Dining Tables for Families

Oval and oblong dining tables are great for families. Rectangular dining tables are also good, as long as the corners are rounded.

Square and rounded tables are not the best for families.

Shapes of Dining Tables for Couples

Square and round tables help create feelings of intimacy and equality for couples. If you choose a square table, make sure it has rounded corners.

What memories do dining tables evoke for you? Share below with a “reply.”

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