What’s in a Stove? The Feng Shui of Stoves

What’s in a stove? Every item in your home has its own Feng Shui. Let’s explore the Feng Shui of Stoves.

WhatsInAStoveWhat’s in a Stove?

For most people, the stove holds memories of their moms, cooking meals for the family. They also hold memories of the first meals they cooked for themselves when they got out on their own, or when they first got married. Stoves hold the anxiety mothers felt, wondering if they were feeding their kids right, or enough.

What’s Really in a Stove?

In the modern world in which we live there is an overabundance of food, and most people are worried they are too fat rather than too thin. It is easy to forget how food has been, for most of our history, associated with wealth. The stove is a symbol of wealth, and how you relate to your stove is also how you relate to wealth.

The Kitchen is the Room for Wealth

You know that the left back corner of the home is the Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth corner. What you may not have known until today is that the kitchen is the room in the home that represents Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth, as well. Yes, having a kitchen in the wealth corner is ideal, but no matter where your kitchen is in the bagua map, it always represents wealth.

The Heart of Your Kitchen

The heart of your kitchen is your stove. Without a stove there is no kitchen. The more you use your stove, the more you activate your wealth. At the same time, cooking at home saves you money and is better for your health.

Your Memories of Stoves

Your memories of stoves are also the memories of your associations to wealth. These memories are connected to attitudes towards wealth that your female ancestors had, some of which you may have inherited.

What kinds of memories do you have about stoves and kitchens? What else would you like to know about the Feng Shui of stoves?

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  1. what are best places to put the stove?

    • Nany, usually there is only one place in a kitchen where the stove can fit, but if you have the luxury to choose the spot where to put the stove, think about creating a triangle where one tip of the triangle points at the sink, the second tip points at a working counter, and the third tip points to the stove.

  2. wow. all I can see is that with just these few lines I have learned so much! My stove memories are frighteningly real, when my mom would go into the mental hospital, the recipes for ‘meatloaf’ would be left on the stove. It was harrowing to come home and see that little slip of paper–usually from my dad. That meant for me a sense of deep loneliness and sadness, the wealth and coziness of home stripped away until mommy came back. Then the stove would be used for pancakes, because the griddle was in the middle! There were happy memories there, but I remember, eating enormous amounts of pancakes–trying to fill the hole?? Left by anguish, I also remember ‘noodles and butter’ on Friday nights. The simplest dish but so delicious. My Nana’s stove, on the other hand–I would go live with her in winter holidays, was always filled with enticing delicacies of home-made Italian and Mediterranean foods, but again, how could I remember these complicated (to my young mind) recipes and make them for myself when I got older–oi! What stressors around that simple piece of equipment. This has been so helpful! What a remedy for healing. And, no wonder, my stove does not work, the thermostat is broken, it is old and on the stove top, the burners also do not work well, and don’t fit! I am so delighted that I can now work on managing these issues, from the heart!

    • Ajeet, thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to that little girl, so sensitive, who at such a young age could perceive in the home, the kitchen, the stove, the connection to her ancestors.

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