What’s in a Hallway? The Feng Shui of Hallways

In Feng Shui hallways are bad news. If you have a hallway, you have trouble, and you had better address that if you want to enjoy good luck.

I have wonderful memories of hallways, however. There was this one dreary hallway in an apartment where my grandmother used to live. It started from the foyer, then turned left. It was too narrow for any decorations other than paintings or photos, no natural light, only doors.

Yet, this was an ideal place to practice soccer with my toddler cousin Andres. He was a soccer prodigy at the age of 2, and would never tire from kicking that ball. That dreary hallway provided the perfect space, on rainy days, to practice kicking a ball, while keeping my grandmother’s porcelain collection intact and her nerves at ease.

Yet, even with good memories, hallways remains a Feng Shui nightmare. It includes using a mirror, but in the exact opposite way that mirrors are usually placed in hallways.


The Biggest Feng Shui Mistake on Hallways

The biggest mistake people make regarding hallways is this: they place a mirror at the end of a hallway. The hallway is already long and narrow. A mirror at the end of the hallway makes it look twice as long! Bad idea.

How to Cure a Hallway in Feng Shui

Do use a mirror, but instead of placing it at the end of a hallway, place it on one of the side walls. Make sure your mirror duplicates good things (and not eyesores).

What Hallways Mean

Hallways are a huge Feng Shui problem, but they are necessary. Hallways connect one section of a home to another, and because of this they represent our connections in life.

Make your hallway as pretty as you can, so that you feel uplifted and interest while you walk through it, instead of hurried and spooked.

What great memories do you have about hallways? What places would you love to visit? Share below in the comments section, if you wish or join the Facebook Group: Feng Shui Journeys (you need to be logged in to your Facebook account to be able to do join the group)







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  1. Does your home have a long hallway? What have you done to improve it?

  2. Moni, I had to laugh at this article and that you said about where most people wanted to put a mirror in a Hallway. As you know, I recently moved in and, when the movers brought in the long rectangular mirror which I use for looking at myself in full length, guess where they put it? Yuppers…right at the end of my hall! LOL! Of course, I knew better, but I left it there until after they had left.
    What I have done in my hallway is nothing short of miraculous and everybody that comes into my space notices it immediately. They are drawn in by the images they first see from the entrance and proceed on over to look in both directions at all the things I have put up on the two walls. Yes, there are three mirrors, but they zig zag across and as one walks along, they reflect the other artwork. All of these things Moni, I learned from you! Thank you for being my Teacher!

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