What’s in a Sofa? The Feng Shui of Sofas

What’s in a sofa? Every item in your home has its own Feng Shui. Let’s explore the Feng Shui of Sofas.

My memories of the sofa in my grandmother’s house are filled with happiness. This was the place were visitors sat. It was the time before cell phones and even answering machines, so people paid surprise visits when they “were in the neighborhood.”

Most of my grandmother’s visitors had a great sense of humor, and their visits were marked with laughter.

This was the sofa were my teenage aunt Ximena sat with her boyfriend, listening to music in vinyl records, while I “chaperoned.”

My aunt Elena’s boyfriend sat on that sofa next to her, very nervous, the day he asked for her hand.

There was no TV in my grandmother’s living room, since this room was considered “for conversation,” and not movie watching.

What’s in a Sofa?


A sofa holds memories of family life, mostly, of how your family socializes among themselves and with others.

While most conversations in a family happen at the dining table, the most important communications happen in the living room, family room, or great room. Many of them happen sitting on the sofa.

The sofa is also where you cuddle with your spouse and children to read books or to watch movies.

Clients Who Hate Sofas

I have had clients who didn’t feel kindly towards sofas, because sofas stirred up bad memories from their childhood or teenage years. These clients would arrange their living rooms with pillows, cushions, strange seats, rugs, and folded mattresses, and claimed to be free spirits who couldn’t be bothered to get something as mundane as a sofa.

I was once like these clients. While memories of the sofa in my grandmother’s home were beautiful, those collected in my parents’ home were not.

For a long time, I could not figure out how to set up my living room, even after I discovered Feng Shui, even after I started practicing it. The presence of a sofa made me uncomfortable, so I justified odd choices of furniture for our living room. It never felt right.

After the babies came, though, I started longing for a sofa. It suddenly became very important to get one. It suddenly became necessary to arrange my living room in a more “traditional” way.

I realized that I could erase the bad memories I had of sofas at my parents’ home, simply by “recording over” those with new, great memories. At a yard sale, I found a sign that read “Happy memories begin here.” I bought it and hung it in my living room.

Don’t Create a “Waiting Room,” or Worse

The truth is, that without a sofa, or at least a love seat, a living room, family room, or great room, will never feel right. If you only have single chairs in it, it will look like a waiting room in some doctor’s office. Take out the rug and the coffee table too, and you are left with a meeting room for an addiction recovery group.

What memories does your sofa carry? Share below with a “reply,” or join the Facebook Group: Feng Shui Journeys

In the Facebook group Feng Shui Journeys I will share the memories from my childhood and teenage years that made it so hard for me to accept sofas. I hope you will also share what sofas say to you, the good and the bad, and how you plan to record happier memories in your Feng Shui of Sofas.













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