Declare Your Independence from Fate, by Embracing Your Destiny

declare-independenceIn Feng Shui, Destiny is not the same as Fate.

Fate means “the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.”

The word fate is related to “fatality,” a term we use to refer to occurrences of death — not a good association.

In our Western world, we use the terms destiny and fate as synonyms, interchangeable words, but “Ming” the Chinese term translated as Destiny has a much more powerful and spiritual connotation.

In the ancient Chinese wisdom that gave rise to Traditional Chinese Medicine (of which Feng Shui is one of 5 branches), people are believed to make an agreement with Heaven before they come to life. This agreement, contract or pact with Heaven comprises all that the spiritual being wishes to experience in this lifetime, PLUS what is required of the spiritual being in exchange for the wonderful experience of life.

Your Pact with Heaven IS Your Life Mission

This pact with Heaven is your life mission, and fulfilling your mission is your Destiny. Your Destiny IS Your Highest Good.

Heaven creates a “seed” and “plants” it in the person’s life. This seed includes your genetics, the circumstances of your birth and the events with which you are presented throughout life. The seed works to assist you to fulfill your pact with Heaven.

Many faith traditions in the world agree that people have a life mission. The school of thought that gave rise to Feng Shui, however, differs in some of its most important nuances:

  1. The fulfillment of your mission does not require suffering, self-denial or sacrifice. On the contrary, you are believed to have the best chance of success by being happy, healthy, prosperous and free.
  2. Bad things don’t happen to you in order to nudge you to fulfill your mission. On the contrary, when there is misfortune — bad things happen — your seed reorganizes the universe around you, to provide you with everything you need to heal — become whole again.
  3. Heaven does not respond to all prayers from all people, equally. Heaven responds to prayers, most promptly, when the person is doing what they came to do: fulfilling their life mission. If you ask for something that would make it harder for your to fulfill your pact, your prayers will not be answered. If you ask for something that will help you fulfill your mission, all doors will open.

This is the reason why teachings from the “Law of Attraction” and other popular teachings on manifesting, seem to work for some but not for others. With Feng Shui, you can go beyond the “Law of Attraction,” so that you don’t just get “what you want” but that which will make you happy and successful in all areas of life.

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