What Your Car Tells About You

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There is a lot that a trained Feng Shui Consultant can tell about you and how you live your life just by looking at your car for a few minutes.

Facts like whether you have children or not, whether you feel strongly about causes or about politics, your level of education, how well you are doing financially, what type of work you do, and many more can be inferred by your choice of car, and how you keep it.

Consider this:

  • People who drive 2-door cars usually do not have children, or their children left home a long time ago.
  • The presence of infant car seats, car seats, booster seats, books, toys, crumbs and food wrappers indicate that you have children and how old they are.
  • The number of seats in the car gives clues as to the size of the family.
  • People who feel strongly about religion, causes or politics use their car as a billboard, and add window decals, bumper stickers and magnets to share their messages. They may also get special license plates or license plate frames.
  • Those who are not kicking it financially don’t buy luxury cars (and if they do, they are not very smart)
  • The type of vehicle can indicate what a person does for a living. For example, landscapers tend to choose pickup trucks with an open cargo area, but contractors drive vans or pickup trucks with covered cargo areas that they can lock. A friend of mine, who is a designer and builder for high end homes, drives a Cadillac pickup truck.
  • The type of vehicle can also indicate how much love of the outdoors a person has. Racks on the top and back of the car give clues as to what kinds of outdoor sports the car owner prefers.
  • The state of cleanliness of the car, outside and inside, may indicate how well the home of the person is kept.

If so much can be discovered about you just by looking at your car, imagine how much more information your home can provide. Information that may be hidden from your conscious mind, and that may be vital for your future happiness. This hidden information may point to the true content of your dreams — dreams that you may not have acknowledged to yourself. It may also uncover the subtle ways in which you self-sabotage. This is important, because points of self-sabotage are usually in people’s blind spots.

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