What Makes a “Family Room” a Family Room?

Family Rooms, in Feng Shui, represent Social Life and Standing in the Community, and belong with life area number 9, known as Fame, Reputation and Social Life, regardless of where they are located in the bagua map.

This life area is associated with social obligations, the things that you do socially, because they are a duty, whether you enjoy them or not. These may include attending a wedding of people at work, going to a benefit ball or dinner, or sending thank you notes.

The arrangement of your family room is usually a reflection of how well you blend socially and how well connected you are. Without connections, there are no referrals and there is no advancement.

The arrangement of the family room also determines how much enjoyment you get at home with the members of your family, and with visiting friends.

There is one piece of furniture that can make or break a family room. Without it, your family room will feel like a waiting room. If you put it in the wrong placement, you will ruin socialization with family members and friends.

So what is the one piece of furniture that is essential for family rooms?

Setting-Up-House-Presentation.022It doesn’t matter how creative you are or how much you know about interior design, if you do not have a sofa, or at least a love seat, your family room will look like a waiting room in some business out there.

In the past, clients have told me that they were themselves “too informal” for a sofa, or that their free spirit demanded a family room that was decorated with large pillows and throws. However, in every case, when a client had resistance to the usual look and arrangement of a family room, they also had resistance to forming a family, or where dealing with painful family memories that needed attention and healing.

Consider this:

  • If you only have single chairs, or pillows on the floor, there is no place for you to snuggle and cuddle with other people.
  • If you place your sofa right across from the TV, don’t be surprised if people want to watch TV or play video games all the time, instead of talking to each other.
  • Unless you live in a culture where the custom is to arrange the family room in another way, you need a sofa, or at the minimum, a love seat.


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