What Makes a “Home Office” a Home Office?


Home Offices, in Feng Shui, represent Knowledge, and belong with life area number 8, known as Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest, regardless of where they are located in the bagua map.

This life area is associated with learning, especially related to your life mission — what you came to do.

Regardless of how much money you invest in a home office, or how many high tech devices you purchase, a home office will never be right if this one piece of furniture is missing.

So what is the one piece of furniture that is essential for home offices?


A lap top that gets carried from the bedroom to the family room, then to the kitchen, with no stable place to rest, does not create the proper environment for productivity.

If you do not have a proper desk or work table in a separate room in your home, or in a nook placed in a larger room, you do not actually have a home office.

Consider this:

  • Few things cool down a love relationship more than keeping a computer in the master bedroom.
  • Keeping a laptop on a kitchen counter exposes it to all sorts of potential disasters (food splattering, drinks spilled, etc.)
  • You need to designate a place in your home devoted to thinking, inspiration, and rest (from physical activities).

Of course, there is more to creating Efficient Home Offices than just having a proper desk or table. Furniture placement is key to promote or kill productivity, and the organization of the items on your desk and on the walls in your office can work in favor of your goals, or against them. This is even more important for people who work from home.

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