What Makes a “Child’s Bedroom” a Child’s Bedroom?


Children’s Bedrooms, in Feng Shui, represent Joy, and belong with life area number 7, known as Children, Creativity and Fun, regardless of where they are located in the bagua map.

This life area is associated with enjoyment, especially the enjoyment you get to have when all the chores for the day are completed, and it is time to let g of worries and concerns.

Regardless of how much care you put into decorating a child’s bedroom, or how much money and time you have invested in adding a kid’s favorite characters to their room, a child’s bedroom will never feel right unless you provide plenty of room to do this one thing.

So what is the one thing that can never be neglected in a child’s bedroom with good Feng Shui?


The one thing that cannot be missing from a child’s bedroom is a place for play.

Sadly, many children’s rooms lack this essential component. Toys accumulate in bins, shelf units and other toy storage contraptions, and there are no horizontal areas on the floor that are large enough for play.

A child’s bedroom with only a few toys but lots of room for play is much more Feng Shui correct than a bedroom full of toys with no room to play!

Consider this:

  • Having too much stuff in their bedrooms makes it harder for kids to clean up.
  • Letting children accumulate too many toys, while not letting go of the toys with which they no longer play, teaches them that it is OK to hoard.
  • Too many toys and room decor associated with TV shows or movies prevents children from developing imaginative play, which is essential to develop creativity.

Of course, there is more to creating Creative Children’s Bedrooms than just providing room for play. There are clear Feng Shui rules for the arrangement of children’s bedrooms to make sure they are safe, that they sleep well, and that they grow up with confidence. Other rules apply to shared children’s bedrooms, to make sure that each child can express his or her own personality. This is very important, because the wrong layout can increase sibling rivalry!

Children’s bedroom set the tone for the whole family to be able to find the space and time to have fun!

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