What Makes a Hallway a Hallway?


Hallways, in Feng Shui, represent Connection, and belong with life area number 5, known as the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude, regardless of where they are located in the bagua map.

Hallways are symbolic of how you connect and communicate with others in all your life areas.

Regardless of how much care you put into decorating your hallways, there is
one aspect that, if it is missing, your hallway will feel like a scary dungeon instead of a means of connection and communication.

So what is that one aspect that is essential for hallways?


Light is what makes a difference between having a tunnel or having a true connecting hallway.

  • Having an actual light at the end of the hallway, or an image that is very bright helps visually reduce the length of the hallway.
  • Adding mirrors on the side walls (and never on the end walls) also helps bring it more light into the hallway (as well as creating the impression that it is less narrow), especially when windows from the rooms on the sides of the hallway are reflected in them.
  • Having another source of light, in addition to the overhead lights helps make the hallway into a space you can actually enjoy, instead of a place you just feel you have to rush through.

Of course, there is more to creating Connecting Hallways than having more light. The hallway defines the whole functionality of your home, and certain features in your hallways can increase arguments if not taken care of.

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  1. I live in a small 1 bedroom unit. The front & back doors face each other with the only living area in between & a tiny kitchen off to the right after entering the front door. In the centre of the living room I have a very short hallway with a bathroom to the left & my bedroom to the right. When I’m in bed I can see straight into the bathroom. There is a small linen cupboard just before my bedroom. My hallway is literally just under 9 feet in length & I only have wall space to hang something on the bathroom side. Is there anything I can do?

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