What Makes a “Kitchen” a Kitchen?


The kitchen, in Feng Shui, represents the Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth Life Area, regardless of where it is located in the bagua map.

The kitchen is symbolic of how you manage your investments, especially material property, but also of how great a sense of self-worth you have.

Regardless of how much care you put into your kitchen, or how much money you spend on building or remodeling, there is one aspect that, if it is missing, your kitchen will never feel just right.

So what is that one aspect that is essential for kitchens?


For a kitchen to be a kitchen, you need to actually prepare foods in it, and not just make coffee, or warm up foods in a microwave.

For you to prepare meals comfortably in your kitchen you need at least 3 work areas, in addition to the sink and stove. This makes a kitchen functional.

Do you have at least 3 counters in your kitchen where you could do food preparation? If you don’t could you add a kitchen table? Maybe even a center island?

Consider this:

  • The kitchen is usually the most expensive area in the home, by square foot.
  • It usually houses the most expensive appliances in the home.
  • The kitchen and pantry are where you save food, and are symbolic of being provided for.
  • The decisions you make about your kitchen influence your perception of wealth.
  • The decisions you make in your kitchen directly influence your health.

Of course, there is more to creating a Prosperous Kitchen than having 3 work surfaces. The kitchen is the space in your home where you can build your wealth, and make decisions that will end up influencing your sense of self worth, which is a determinant in how much money you allow yourself to make.

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