What Makes a “Dining Area” a Dining Area?


The dining area, in Feng Shui, represents the Health, Family and Community Life Area, regardless of where it is located in the bagua map.

The dining area is symbolic of how you manage your health and how you interrelate with family members.

Regardless of how much care you put into your dining area, there is one piece of furniture that, if it is missing, your dining area will never feel just right.

So what is the one piece of furniture that is essential for dining areas?

Setting-Up-House-Presentation.016The piece of furniture without which your dining area will never feel right, is a rectangular or oval dining table.

The dining area represents family, and in family there are hierarchies due to age, experience, and roles within the family. This hierarchy is represented by a long table, where the people with the most power and responsibility over the family, usually the parents, traditionally sat at one end or the other.

Consider this:

  • The round table promotes equality. Equality is great for couples, but not for parent/child relationships. Children need to know that they can rely on parents to set limits for them that will keep them safe and help them grow. Whenever I find a round table in a family home, the parents complain their children do not respect them, especially if they are teenagers.
  • The square table belongs in a restaurant more than in a home, and although a square table may be fine for a couple, it really does not have a good design for a family.
  • A rectangular table with sharp corners can cause people to get hurt if they bump into it.
  • A rectangular table with rounded corners, or an oval or oblong table are best.

Of course, there is more to creating a Happy Dining Area than just knowing how to choose a dining table. The dining area is the space in your home where you can promote strong health in your family. If you think about it, much of your health depends on your food choices. In the same way, much of your strength comes from the support you receive from your family. This is also the spot in the home where you can, through the use of photos, set healthy boundaries with in-laws, ex-spouses, and other members of the “family tree” or what some call, due to multiple divorces and remarriages, the “family forest.”

It is in the dining area, that happy families are built!

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