What Makes a “Master Bedroom” a Master Bedroom?


The master bedroom, in Feng Shui, represents the Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships Life Area, regardless of where it is located in the bagua map.

The master bedroom is symbolic of how you relate and communicate with a love partner or with a potential love partner.

Regardless of how much care you put into your master bedroom, there is one piece of furniture that, if it is missing, your master bedroom will never feel just right.

So what is the one piece of furniture that is essential for master bedrooms?

The piece of furniture without which your master bedroom will never feel right, is a bed where two people can fit comfortably.

You may ask, but isn’t it obvious?

Believe it or not, about half the clients I have consulted for did not have a proper master bed.

For a master bed to be adequate, it needs to be Queen or King size (Queen size is better).

Consider this:

  • Many people have full size beds in their master bedrooms, and full size beds are simply not wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably.
  • Some people push together two twin size beds instead of getting a master bed. The worst case I have seen was with a couple where the beds were not even the same height, with the bed of the husband being a whooping 4 inches higher than the wife’s bed!
  • A box spring and mattress don’t make a bed. For a bed to be called a bed, you need a headboard. You need to choose your headboard carefully. Some headboards are relationship killers, and some headboards help solidify relationships (for couples) or invite relationships (for single people).

Of course, there is more to creating a Romantic Master Bedroom than just knowing how to choose a master bed. The master bedroom is the space in your home where you can invite more receptivity and generosity into your love life and place cures to improve a present love relationship or to attract a new love. This is also the spot in the home where you can improve your relationship with your self and with your body. In the course Setting Up House – Room by Room you will learn all you need to know in order to create a Romantic Master Bedroom.

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In the Setting Up House Course we will focus on master bedrooms on week 2. Below is the curriculum for Week 2 of this 12-class online course:



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  1. i love this colomm. i want ot read more to know the exact fingshui of my living room, dining room, roommaster bedroom main door.

  2. Hi Moni,
    Thanks for a wonderful article. I was wondering if I can do the same trick for a king bedframe (does not have any box springs) with two fullsized mattresses in it. My husband moves a lot in his sleep and I am light sleeper. Can I cover the two mattresses with a red fitted sheet ? Would it do the trick ?

    Thanks !

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