A Decluttering Tip to Attract New Love


Most of my single clients who struggle or have struggled with finding love share one characteristic in common: attachment to childhood or adolescent views of love, instead of accepting the sometimes gritty reality of true love relationships.

Any symbols that a woman is clinging to childhood and has not matured enough to be in a healthy adult love relationship need to go. There are three types of items that I look for in consultations for single women, that the woman might not even know are clutter!

So what are the three most common types of clutter that keep love away?


Princess Beds

A metal headboard with ornaments that resemble the bed of a little girl, or a crib, symbolize a woman who wants to be “treated like a princess,” be “swept off her feet,” etc. as if she was a prize to be attained by a prince — instead of being an equal participant in a relationship between adults. (The best headboards are solid wood with rounded corners.)

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears and other toys in the bedroom of a grown woman may indicate unresolved issues from childhood, or desires to remain a child. (Let them go!)

Romance Novels

This is perhaps the biggest block to attracting new love for women who have never been married. Romance novels present a distorted idea of a love relationship, where the emotional needs of a woman are met by someone outside of herself, instead of being met from within. A healthy love relationship happens when both parties are willing to assume responsibility for their own emotions, and allow the other person to be themselves. Romance novels are junk food for the soul. (Recycle your romance novels, do not pass them on.)

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