A Decluttering Tip for Travel


Travel, especially travel abroad, belongs in life area 6: Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel.

Because this life area is a projection into the future, it operates on the basis of trust. In human society, since we cannot personally know every single person with whom we interact, trust is backed up by documents.

So which is the type of clutter that blocks travel the most? Can you guess?



The type of clutter that blocks Travel the most is neglected paperwork, especially financial and legal documents.

Every home needs a proper filing system (not a shoe box) in order to keep legal and financial documents properly put away. A pile of unpaid bills can create lots of stress for a person, not to mention late fees!

How can you improve the way you file away legal and financial documents in your home? Give this question some thought, and remember that the most efficient types of filing systems are those that allow you to keep paper vertical. When having to make a decision about a piece of paperwork the question to ask is not “Where can I put this?”  but rather “Where will I find this next time I need it?”

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