A Decluttering Tip for Health


Health — physical, mental, emotional — belongs in life area 3: Health, Family and Community.

This life area needs daily attention and daily work. You do your best in this life area when you learn to live in the present, and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

So which is the type of clutter that blocks health the most? Can you guess?


The type of clutter that blocks health the most is made up of any and all expired foods kept in the home, especially expired foods in the refrigerator.

Some foods have expiry dates printed on them, such as milk cartons, but other foods let you know by shriveling away or growing mold in them — the later are the worst for health, because they carry the symbolism (and reality!) of decay.

Take out and throw away any foods in the refrigerator that are no longer good to eat!

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