A Decluttering Tip for Love


Romantic Love belongs in life area 2: Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships.

You do your best in this life area when you let go of all previous past attachments.

The only way to give a present or future relationship a fair chance is to make sure that you are not still holding hopes to recover a past love relationship.

So which is the type of clutter that blocks love the most? Can you guess?


The type of clutter that blocks love the most is: gifts or mementos from former partners.

To give current or future relationships a chance to flourish, let go of:

  • any gifts that were given to you by a former lover, or things you bought for them that you have kept
  • love letters or poems someone else sent you or that you wrote for someone else
  • any objects in your home that upon seeing them bring back memories of a previous love relationship
  • feel free to cut out a former partner from photos that you want to keep for other reasons

If you had children with that former love:

  • give your children wedding and family photos that include your ex
  • if the children are still living at home, prepare an album for them to take when they get their own place

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