A Decluttering Tip for Money


Money belongs in life area 1: Career, Life Mission and Individuality.

You do your best in this life area when you focus on the present, but project your energy into the future.

Therefore, anything that keeps you stuck in the past, not current, blocks your money flow!

So which is the type of clutter that blocks money the most? Can you guess?


The type of clutter that most blocks money is that made up of old magazines and periodical publications because they keep you in the past.

This of course excludes collectible items.

Recycle magazines and periodicals, such as newspapers, as soon as you are done with them. If there are interesting articles you want to keep for the future, cut them out and place them in a binder kept for that purpose.

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  1. I agree! And I would like to add that same goes for deleting files. Old applications that were rejected, old projects, that were abandoned.

    A lot of people keep a lot of files from previous employments. Specially if you work in IT, 5 or 7 year old files are to be thrown away. You can take out what you need for a reference to build your career forward or to build a portfolio, but the rest should be e-decluttered.

    Greetings from heavenly Slovenia.

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