An Interview About Angelic Feng Shui Training and Healing, Angel Heart Radio

Last Sunday, Bill Austin and I were scheduled to be interviewed for the radio show Angel Heart Radio at 8PM our time (which was Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand, where the show hosts, Anayah and Leesa live respectively!)

For unknown technical reasons I was not able to join the call and Anayah’s microphone was not working. After the initial frustration from trying to connect for the first fifteen minutes, I realized that this interview was meant to unfold from the interaction of Bill and Leesa, and that listeners to the live show, or people who would listen to the replay, probably needed to hear something that would only come out from that interaction. When Bill talked about the importance of asking for permission before doing healing work, I thought that must be part of it, because I know a lot of people on this list are either healers or work closely with healers. Bill and Leesa also talked about the importance of not giving away your power to others or to beliefs. Bill was able to explain, better than I would have, how his vibrational clearing images and recordings work, and it was important that you get to hear this.

If you missed the live interview  you can listen to the replay below.

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