Feng Shui Uncovers Wealth Myths (2)

In many movies we see that wealthy families live in a mansion, and that a long straight driveway leads right to the main entrance. This was supposed to be a statement of grandeur. That way, important visitors to the place would have a view of the magnificence of the place with a direct frontal perspective. Although this image of wealth has been long standing in Western culture, it has very bad Feng Shui.
A gently curved driveway has much better Feng Shui, especially one by which cars stopping near the main entrance are sideways to the entrance.
Meandering driveways and paths are preferred in Feng Shui over straight ones. When a road or a driveway points directly to the main door of a home or business, we call that the “eyes of the tiger,” a condition of danger. It causes stress, because there is a possibility that a speeding car could crash head on into a building. This would also be the case of a building located at the end of a “T” road or street intersection.
The Feng Shui Kitty knows this very well, but see her give Little Pup some very bad advice:
feng shui kitty cat eyes of the tiger meme
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