Heaven and Fathers

Heaven = Father but Father ≠ Heaven

If you did not feel loved and protected by your father, you may have trust issues.

If you did not feel loved and protected by your father, you may have disconnected from the love and protection that come from Heaven.

In Feng Shui, just as in Western culture, there is an association between the word Heaven and the word Father. Heaven is symbolized by the figure of the father, or patriarch of the family.

Unlike Western culture, where the Heavenly Father is associated with God, Feng Shui only associates the Father with the Perfection that comes from Heaven. Because Feng Shui is not religious, but based on the observation of nature, there is no fear of the Father or fear of Heaven. The main characteristic of Heaven is benevolence. The Heaven trigram is used or called upon when it seems there is no solution to problems, or the solution is not easily visible. Heaven has a transmuting power, and can also override the rules and the laws of nature. This is where prayer comes in.

Heaven is symbolized by the father, but this does not mean that the human parent you call your father is a representation of Heaven or a representation of God. If you were blessed with great father and grandfather figures, it is probably very easy for you to associate with the concept of a loving God. If you did not have good masculine role models growing up, the opposite may be true.

Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel

"Hope" Feng Shui Life Areas Print

The Heaven trigram rules the life area we call Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel. People who have unrealized or unresolved relationships with their father tend to have trouble with this life area. They may feel that there is no one to help them, or that they are all alone in the world; they might be afraid to travel, or have hard times when they do, or they could have a really hard time finding help to hire.The element of this life area is BIG METAL, that rules the large intestine, including the colon. It also affects the skin and bodily hair.

When big metal is not working properly the person can feel hopeless or be cynical — there is a disconnection from that power larger than us, that holds and sustains us. Existentialism shows a weakness of big metal.

Reconnect with Heaven

You can reconnect with the forces of Heaven, even if you did not or do not have a good relationship with your father.Make a list of 6 men who you consider your role models, men you admire and respect. Next to the name of each of these men, write down the one characteristic of this person that you appreciate the most.  Then write: Heaven (or God, the Universe, Life — choose a term that goes according to your beliefs) is _____________ (list here the six words that you wrote to describe the 6 men you value).

In the future, whenever you feel disconnected from life, hope, and spiritual sustenance, go back to this affirmation, let it become your mantra until you feel hopeful again.

If you wish, leave a reply below with the result of this exercise for you, your unique perception of God, based on the good fathers you have met.



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