Worst Bed for Single Women

If you are a single woman and would like to find a love partner, you need to send out the right messages to the Universe, your own deeper mind and to potential partners. The messages you need to send out are that:

  1. You have made room in your space and your life for love. Click on the following link to learn how to create a bedroom for love: http://www.fengshuiforus.com/feng-shui-bedroom.html
  2. That you are mature.
  3. That it is not your intent to curtail someone else’s freedom.

For these reasons you need to avoid:

  1. Too many pillows on the bed. Single women should only have two.
  2. Beds made of metal.
  3. Beds that have “bars” in the headboard and/or foot board.


As you can see, the princess style bed, is probably the WORST choice for a single woman, especially if it is made of metal. A princess style bed symbolizes:

  1. Hangups with childhood, immaturity.
  2. Jail: metal bars.
  3. High maintenance.

All of the above are things that most mature, responsible men, would shy away from.

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